God’s dream for us

Do we believe that there is a divine purpose for our lives?  The Bibles affirms that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).  Notice the text does not say we are wonderfully developed but wonderfully made.  We were made, created, formed, fashioned for a purpose.  Science may speculate and argue about how humanity came to exist but are dead silent when it comes to the purpose of our existence.  God created us for His glory (Ps. 43:).   Survival of the fittest the mantra for evolution, is not the motivation for progress and development. It is when the fittest take care of the weakest when those who have, share with those who do not that we can move forward as a nation.

The New Testament is full of stories of how Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead and fed the hungry.  It is true that Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly.  We were created to have the best of life, and enjoy it to the full.  In this world of sin, that can be achieved when we learn to serve one another – there is indeed joy in serving.  Joseph became the second most powerful person in Egypt, and it began with a dream, that turned out to be God’s dream, a dream to save many people alive (Genesis 50:20).  This for Joseph, was a dream worth dying for.  It has been said that no one is ready to live unless he or she can find something or a cause worth dying for. There is more to life than just getting, giving gives meaning to life.

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